Waynua is the new name for CallPageboy. A 49 year old organisation that excels in what it does as a leading CX partner. With the world constantly evolving and changing, the business needed a new name and rebrand that would propel it forward and communicate with strength and vitality its huge potential to transform business. We helped reposition this 100% Irish owned business to gain more market visibility and reach and become CX partner of choice in an increasingly competitive sector.

We created

  • Naming
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Design & Art Direction
  • UI & UX
  • Web Development
  • Digital & Print Communication
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Empowering Business

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The Opportunity

Following in-depth stakeholder interviews, market/competitor research and analysis, we discovered that CallPageboy was indeed a cut above – talented people, experienced leadership and cutting edge technology. Always going beyond, delivering an exceptional front of house experience, from medical procedure appointments to emergency resolution for industries of all scales.

It was clear however, that its current name and branding didn't reflect the company's vision or its true digital capabilities, which now goes way beyond a call service. CX (Customer Experience) is critical to modern business. A fresh, distinctive brand rejuvenation was needed that could flex across various channels and appeal to a younger tech savvy generation.


A new name

We created the name Waynua to be short, impactful and ownable. It helps build the brand and signals that this is the new way of delivering CX. It helps build richer brand engagements, celebrates its Irish heritage and focuses very much on the future. This is the cutting edge of customer experience. This is Waynua.



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We engaged with Alkamee to revitalise our brand ahead of launching an exciting marketing campaign. During our collaboration, Nik and Adam’s expertise supported us in aiming higher, while their research provided valuable insight into our customer experience.

Ken Colley – CEO, Waynua

Waynua icon

Shorthand for Exceptional

Modern identity systems have to work within the smallest of spaces. They need to catch the eye at a glance. For Waynua, we created an icon that is both a distinctive monogram and also points to the organisations' unique ability to engage and change the conversation, whatever it may be. They take each and every engagement and create exceptional experiences.

A layered visual language was created that reflected the end product of Waynua's service – happy customers and clients who've all been taken on a unique and positive journey. An in-depth image library was created, aligned to a fresh precise colour palette, with design detail that is distinctly Waynua.

We designed and developed a new website where clear concise yet engaging language was key. The website contains a vast amount of information but the goal was always to make it engaging, informative and to feel light of touch, working with Waynua is really rewarding, the site needed to reflect that.

Nik Dillon, Alkamee

The whole approach and creative developed by Alkamee was second to none, and their expertise meant that the end result completely exceeded our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend them.

Ken Colley – CEO, Waynua